Quality control

  • Spectroscope


    Spectroscope is a scientific instrument that breaks down light of complex composition into spectral lines. A spectroscope measures the light reflected from the surface of an object to determine what elements are present in the object.
  • Metallographic microscope

    Metallographic microscope

    Metallographic microscope is mainly used to measure the metal table machine metallographic organization test, determine the microstructure of various types of steel through different processing and heat treatment, so as to determine the quality of steel good or bad.
  • Vickers hardness tester

    Vickers hardness tester

    Vickers hardness tester is mainly used to test the hardness of small precision parts, the hardness of surface hardening layer and the depth of effective hardening layer, the surface hardness of plating layer.
  • Universal testing machine

    Universal testing machine

    Universal testing machine can be a variety of materials for tensile, compression, bending, peeling, shear and many other performance tests. Mainly used for metal, non-metal material mechanical properties test.
  • Profilometer


    The Profilometer can measure the plain line shape, straightness, angle, convexity, logarithmic curve, groove depth, groove width and other parameters of various precision mechanical parts.
  • Salt spray test

    Salt spray test

    Salt spray test equipment is used to assess the ability of fasteners and their protective layers to corrode in salt spray.
  • Optical Screening

    Optical Screening

    The optical screening machine can simultaneously detect the size, appearance and depth of different material mixes or heat treatment mixes. The detection accuracy of optical screening machine can reach 0.001mm.
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